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Gland Packing Rami
Gland Packing Rami
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Specification of Gland Packing Rami

Graphite flax packing is made of hemp fiber which is treated with a special process and high temperature lubricant. This is a gland packaging that is ideal for use in ash-removing pump sealing, sediment pumps, boosterpumps, and water pumps feeding power plants, as well as high-pressure mud pumps from my oil field and liquid pumps.


Application conditions:


1) Working temperature: -40 ~ 140 Celsius

2) Max. Working pressure: 3Mpa (rotary pump)

Max. working pressure: 5MPa (reciprocating pump)

Max. working pressure: 12Mpa (valve)

3) PH value: 5-12

4) Linear Speed: 10M / S (rotary pump)

linear speed: 2M / S (reciprocating pump)

linear speed: 2M / S (valve)

5) Cross Section: 1/8 "~ 3" (3X3-75X75mm)

6) Density: 1.30 ~ 1.40g / cc






Gland Packing

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